Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell

Married this day in 1855: women’s rights activist Lucy Stone and women’s rights supporter Henry Blackwell

At their wedding, Stone and Blackwell read a statement denouncing the loss of a woman’s rights upon marriage. Stone became the first woman in the nation to retain her own surname after marrying.

“While acknowledging our mutual affection by publicly assuming the relationship of husband and wife, yet in justice to ourselves and a great principle, we deem it a duty to declare that this act on our part implies no sanction of, nor promise of voluntary obedience to such of the present laws of marriage, as refuse to recognize the wife as an independent, rational being, while they confer upon the husband an injurious and unnatural superiority, investing him with legal powers which no honorable man would exercise, and which no man should possess.”

For full text of the Stone-Blackwell Protest Against the Laws of Marriage go here.

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